Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation: Event Marketing

Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation

Promotional Materials for the Annual Christmas Pudding, Celebrity Golf Tournaments, & More

For nearly 20 years, Alice Cooper has staged benefit concerts and celebrity golf events to raise money for his Solid Rock Foundation. When we’re not backstage or on the course with the likes of Rob Halford, Johnny Depp, Don Felder, and John O’Hurley, Catywampus is working with Alice and company to produce each event’s signature promotional materials.  (In other words, the majority of the time!)


Of particular note is the imagery for the 11th Annual Christmas Pudding, whose set was designed in miniature form and was built and photographed by Catywampus’ Doug Cholewa.


3D Alice Cooper illustration by Bryan Wolcik.


Behind the Scenes

Test shots for the 2011 Christmas Pudding set & building the Dickens-esque 2014 Christmas Pudding imagery


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