Musical Instrument Museum: Passport to the World of Music Interactive Kiosk

Musical Instrument Museum

Passport to the World of Music

Phoenix, Arizona’s Musical Instrument Museum is home to over 10,000 unique instruments from every country in the world, spread across two floors of captivating exhibit spaces.  Sure, you could attempt to see them all in one day, but that would require a lot of skimming.  And probably a lot of caffeine.

Catywampus’ Passport to the World of Music concept was designed to tackle that issue head-on: by providing an interactive version of key museum exhibits, patrons could extend their visits beyond the museum’s operating hours by featuring instrument details, essential recordings, influential musicians, and details of the exhibits themselves, all available through any web browser or tablet device.  Additionally, the tool gives the Museum another avenue to promote upcoming shows and unique retail items available in the Museum Store.

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