Screaming Guys

Screaming Guys

What Makes You Scream?

Originally created as a joke in 1993 by Catywampus founder Doug Cholewa, the Screaming Guys were resurrected in 2007 for a trip to the sandy, uninhabited beaches of Mexico.  That photo shoot served as the inspiration for the myriad Screaming Guys incarnations that appear today.  And as of this writing, over 1000 pocket-sized Screaming Guys are in the wild and have been taken by their owners to exotic locations across the globe.

Here, There, & Everywhere

Screaming Guys in the Wild

The small size of Screaming Guys makes them good travel companions, and there over 1000 out & about in the world.  Here are some of the great places that their rabid fans have taken them.

  • Kiluea, Hawaii

    Kiluea, Hawaii

  • Stonehenge


  • Wrigley Field

    Wrigley Field

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

  • Disneyland


  • The Equator

    The Equator

  • Machu Piccu

    Machu Piccu

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